Final Post of the School Year

Hello reader! The school year is coming to an end so this is my final post this year. I of coarse will be blogging again next school year in September when I am in Gr. 8. I have had lots of fun doing posts that my teacher wanted me to do, commenting on other blogs around the world and doing the Student Blogging Challenge. I am looking forward to be blogging next school year even though school is not my thing! My teacher had us answer some questions and put them on our blog. Here are the questions and answers:

Q.1: What was your favourite part of 2015/2016 or your most memorable moments?

A.1: My favourite part of 2015/2016 was Muskoka Woods! It was my favourite part of this year because it was a great learning experience about leadership. I also had a great time with my friends and I had a lot of fun at all of the activities. My favourite one was the Lower zip-line! During the time I was there I learned to keep trying and to just have fun!

Q.2: What is an area where you demonstrated improved and how?

A.2: An area in which I improved is not a subject but studying for tests. Last year and at the beginning of this year I hardly ever study for tests. My test scores were not very high without trying. Last year in Gr.6 I good good grades without trying either. Around December and January I decided I needed to start trying. Now I study quite a bit and get good grades.

Q.3: What are your hopes/goals for next year?

A.3: My hopes/goals for next year are to keep my full attention in class on listening to instructions. I talked a lot and didn’t focus that much this year. I need to listen more and stay on track with doing work. I also hope to raise my hand more and participate. Next year I hope to fix this.

Thank you for reading my posts and commenting through out this school year! I have had fun doing these posts and are looking forward to doing them next year. In September please visit my blog again and until next school year, bye!

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Student Blogging Challenge Week #10 (Time to Say Goodbye)

GoodbyeHello reader! This is the last week in the student blogging challenge. It has been really cool being able to visit and talk with other students around the world! I definitely improved on my writing skills throughout the challenges, and I am excited to do it next year! There is a challenge this week which is to evaluate the Student Blogging Challenge’s site by leaving a comment with a meaning to it so that is what I did. I mentioned activities I liked, visiting other blogs etc.

To complete the other challenge I had to evaluate my own blog by answering the questions below:

  • How many posts did you write?-Not including this post I wrote 20.
  • How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?-9 posts were from the challenges and the rest through school.
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?-I received 11 comments.
  • Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?-The post that received the most comments was my Waste, Recycling and the Environment post because I commented on a lot of their posts so from their went to mine.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?-The posts I enjoyed writing the most was three attractions in my country because all of the ones that I included were super fun to visit, talk about and maybe make someone want to go to one of them.
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why?-I changed the theme of my blog to make it my own and how I want it to look.
  • How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?-I only have 1 widget and two blogrolls. I think I need to add a few more widgets to my blog especially for next year and to add creativity to my blog.
  • How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?-I have 5 overseas blogs on my blogroll.
  • Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?-I didn’t use any web tools but I am hoping to soon or for next year.

The next part of the challenge this week is to get another student to evaluate my blog then answer a few questions. Here is Andrew( and he going to evaluate my blog and answer the questions below:

  1. What were your first impressions of this blog?- Without reading your blog, I thought it looked nice, having many posts and lots of words. It’s well organized and nice to look at.
  2. What captured your attention?- The thing that captured my attention was the pictures in the posts. There are many posts meaning many pictures, and having them big they appeal to the eye more.
  3. What distracted you on the blog?- When looking at the blog, there was nothing that distracted me.
  4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?- The suggestions I can give to help you improve your blog is to add more widgets, and don’t change the posts, they are great.

The final part of this challenge is to get a parent(my mom) to do the same thing as the student.

  1. What were your first impressions of this blog?-I like the detail of the blog and the posts were well organized with titles and pictures to explain what I was reading.
  2. What captured your attention?-The posts with pictures captured my attention more than the ones without any.
  3. What distracted you on the blog?-There wasn’t anything that distracted me with this blog.
  4. What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?-I would suggest more pictures on each post because the ones with pictures caught my attention more than the ones without any.

This is last part of the last challenge and I thank you for reading my post this week! I also thank Andrew and my mom for helping me complete the challenge this week which required others to help me! Please leave a positive comment and until I do another post, bye!

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Student Blogging Challenge Week #9 (Visiting Overseas)

PlaneHello reader! Today on this post I am doing the student blogging challenge week #9. There is one activity and in it there is four topics. The one topic I chose to do is visiting overseas. I have not been to any other country then my own(Canada) and the U.S.A. but that is still to another country! So, I am going to explain my favourite trip to the U.S.A.

My favourite trip I am going to talk about is my trip to Disney in Florida! I went to Florida in September 2011, so quiet a while ago, but fun all the same. My younger brother(Ben) and I were surprised and super excited when we found out we were going, three weeks prior. Once those weeks passed, we left(driving) on a Friday night, went through customs then went and stayed at a hotel in Detroit. We woke up super early at around 4:30 in the morning and headed to the airport for our plane to Orlando. We waited and waited and a few hours later we were on the plane destined to Florida. Once we landed we got our luggage and got on to the bus that went to Disney world. My family and I stayed at Caribbean beach resort which is awesome, and unpacked in our room. After that the park we went to was Magic Kingdom my favourite park, along with Epcot. At Magic Kingdom there were to super cool rides called Thunder Mountain Railroad, it was my brothers favourite and Splash Mountain one of my person favourites. Unfortunately one of the rides I wanted to go one(Indianan Jones) was closed and another one I wanted to go one I was to little. Other then that we had a great week at Disney world, the food was good, the rides were amazing and we got to meet Disney characters too! Leaving was very hard for us because it was so fun, but our time was up so we had to.

Thanks for reading one of my last post for the Student Blogging Challenge! Please comment if you are or have been to Florida(Disney) or one of the best trips you have been on. Bye until next week!

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Student Blogging Challenge Week #8

Hello reader! Today on my blog I am doing the student blogging challenge week #8, the count out three game! In order to play this game find a March 2016 blog and find someone on their blogroll. Then on there blog go to someone on there blogroll and leave a comment on one of their posts. Repeat this three times then make a post having links to the blogs visited and why you commented on that post.

First I went to Sumer’s blog(, then from there I went to, finally I ended at Sydney’s blog( I commented on a post about rules and not having strict parents because I could relate. The next time a went to Kate’s blog( then I went to Ella’s blog( finally I went to Anna’s blog( and commented on a post about summer vacation being close because I love summer! The last time I went to  Ava’s blog( then went to Cameron’s blog( then finally I went to Bridget’s blog( and commented on a post about music festivals because have always wanted to go to one!

Thanks for reading my post this week! Please check out some of these awesome blogs and leave a positive comment! Until I post next bye.

Student Blogging Challenge Week #7 (Activity 3)

IslandHello reader! On my blog I am doing the Student Blogging Challenge week #7 activity 3. For this activity it is if you and your family are stranded on a deserted island, with nothing but your clothes how will you entertain yourselves? So this is how my family and I would entertain ourselves…

We would probably start by collecting food such as fruits(if there is trees) and we would try to go fishing with (obviously we have no net or fishing rod) our hands as hard as it sounds. My family and I also would try to get some supplies for a shelter and for a S.O.S sign. We would look for firewood and shards of glass from old washed up bottles. I bet you’re wondering why we would need glass? If the sun shines through the glass on to a leaf  or on to dry wood, a small amount of fire will be created! Next, if we could we would build a raft and try to leave the island. Once all of the hard work is done, my mom, dad, brother and I would play in the sand or go for a shallow swim in the water! It would probably be getting late by the time we have collected and built everything, so we would cook up some dinner over the fire and eat. When done I would say we roasted marshmallows over the fire and make s’mores, but on a desert island there isn’t going to be a bag of marshmallows!

Thanks for reading my post on what my family and I would do to entertain ourselves on a desert island with nothing but our clothes! Please leave a positive comment or if you would do and of these things! Until I post next, bye!

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Student Blogging Challenge Week #7 (Activity 8)

Hello reader! On my blog I am once again doing the student blogging challenge. It is week #7 and I am going to be doing activity 8! My teacher wanted us to do three activities for this week and this is the one I chose to do. I have to write a poem based on a relaxing picture. So here mine is…




the stream flows by

beside the trees so tall

in the distance here birds cry

behind the stone wall of the


Thanks for taking the time to read my poem this week! Please leave a positive comment or about something that you find relaxing. Until I post next bye!

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Student Blogging Challenge Week #7 (Activity 1)

LifeHello reader! On my blog this week I am doing activity 1 for the Student Blogging Challenge week 7. My teacher wanted my class to do 3 activities for week 7! So here is activity 1…

This activity is researching about different games, when they were made, who they were made by etc. I am going to start off with the Game of Life. Life was first invented in 1860 by Milton Bradley. The newest version of Life was made in 1960.  It was America’s first popular board game. The number of players are from two to six. The next game is Monopoly.  It was first invented in 1903. There are many new versions of Monopoly, and special edition ones such as sports, Monopoly Jr. etc. The normal monopoly player amounts ranges from 2-6 and other versions can be 2-8. Currently Monopoly is made by Hasbro games. Finally it is Apples to Apples. Apples to Apples was originally published by the brand Out Of The Box Publishing. Now its is by Mattel. The number of players ranges from 4-10.

These are three of the games I wanted to research and thanks for reading my post today. Please leave a positive comment or what your favourite game is, my favourite is Apples to Apples! Until the next time I post bye!

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Student Blogging Challenge Week #6 (Activity 4)

Hello reader! For week six in the student blogging challenge I am doing the last activity! Commenting on others blogs that are participating in the student blogging challenge from different countries besides my own.  Below are a few blogs a visited and commented on…  Angel from Mexico   Tianna from U.S.A Cassie from Ireland Evelyn from New Zealand Lauren from Australia

Please go visit there amazing blogs and comment! Until I post next, bye!


Student Blogging Challenge Week #6 (Activity 1)

CanadaHello reader! I am doing the student blogging challenge today! I am doing week six activity one, which is about food, songs, stories or clothing that is popular in your country. I am going to write about food that is popular in my country.

I live and Canada and there are a few popular food items, the first one I am going to talk about is a topping which is maple syrup. Maple syrup is obviously great on pancakes and waffles, but takes lots of time and effort to get lots of it. It is made by putting a tap on a tree. After quite a while of sap, slowly dripping in to a bucket, they drain then cook it to make delicious maple syrup. The next food I am going to talk about is poutine! Poutine consists of fries, layered with gravy and melted cheese curds. It is originally from Quebec, a French province in Canada. We also have a few different flavors of chips; ketchup and all dressed. I am not a fan of all dressed chips, but I don’t mind eating ketchup chips. One last Canadian food I’m going to talk about is butter tarts. Butter tarts are obviously tarts, but have amazing crumbly pastry shells are filled with butter, eggs and sweet syrup and sugar. Butter tarts are very old, they were made in the 1600’s!

Thanks for taking the time to read my post for activity one week six! Please leave a positive comment or what Canadian food you like or any food from your culture! Until next time a post, bye!

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